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Our WHMSonic based Shoutcast Servers are currently hosted on an AMD Quad Core CPU @(4x3.2Ghz), 16GB DDR3 RAM on a 1TB RAID1 SATA HDD. Running on CentOS 5.8 x32 with cPanel's latest stable release tier, the setup is designed to be as stable with as high as performance as possible. Along with central Europe location, and a multi-redundant network, server latency and pings are kept to a minimum for the majority of our customers.


Our Servers are currently located in one of the state of art datacentres in Europe located in Dusseldorf, Germany. The datacentre is secure with 24x7 on-site security; has an uninterrupted power supply featuring a 15minute UPS backup capacity and redundant diesel generators; air-conditioned facilities and fire detection and suppression systems. The network itself is a multi-redundant network run on Level3,AMS-IX,ECIX Dusseldorf and Cogent Communications exchanges.

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A British based web solutions business formed in 2006. Continuing to grow bigger and stronger year upon year; with the latest hardware & software providing the best quality service possible to all of our users.

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